Feature #1

I have had friends from around the country reach out to me and say they want to publish something but they want to do so anonymously. Here on my own platform of brown recluse, I will be posting features every once in a while from a friend somewhere out in the world. Enjoy!


January 5, 2018

I can feel your pulse on my lips. Not
In a sexual way, but resting.
In a
We’re both half awake half asleep kind of way.
In a
Breathing deeply kind of way.
In a
We’re wrapped so tightly around each other
I have to breathe deep or
I’ll suffocate.
I am already suffocating in your skin.
I can feel you living.
I will not kiss you with my lips in this moment.
I don’t want it to be anything but what it is.
It’s supposed to be winter when we wake up.